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Miriguard ™ Product Features

Miriguard ™ Long-Lasting Natural Disinfectant

The ingredients of Miriguard ™ Long Lasting natural disinfectant can effectively inhibit the division function of bacteria/viruses, and make the bacteria/viruses loses the ability to divide and reproduce. At the same time, the microscopic protective film formed by nanotechnology blocked the respiratory passages of the bacteria/viruses, which quickly choked to death. Miriguard has a bactericidal/virucidal effect that is more than 100 times higher than that of general disinfectants, and can kill 650 pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Miriguard vs Other Disinfecting Products

The Consumer Council's market survey found that there are some antibacterial hand lotions/gel products that have not listed alcohol content on the label but claim to have antibacterial or residual antibacterial functions, with limited information disclosed and their effectiveness is doubtful. Therefore, it is recommended to choose products with sufficient information disclosure and pay attention to agent or manufacturer information. The new Miriguard ™ Long Lasting natural disinfectant has been tested by 7 international and Hong Kong independent laboratories and proven to be effective against viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Reports by Microbac Laboratories, Inc. (USA) have shown that Miriguard ™ can kill coronavirus within 1 minute and is effective for 24 hours and can replace other alcohol disinfectants as the most effective line of defense against COVID-19 today!

Miriguard vs Alcohol-based Products

Alcohol is flammable, D.I.Y. hand rub or storage of these flammable products pose a certain risk. In addition, excessive use of alcohol hand rub may also cause the hands to lose the protective sebum and water on the skin, causing dryness and allergies. Miriguard ™ Long Lasting natural disinfectant does not contain allergic and irritating ingredients and forms a nano antibacterial coating on hands, clothing and household products when applied. Miriguard can be disinfect instantly and continuously for 24 hours and can effectively prevent cross infection and reduce odor generated by bacteria. Miriguard has passed the US standards oral toxicity test and skin sensitivity test, so even young children and animals can use Miriguard with peace of mind!

Proudly made in Hong Kong

The proprietary leading biotechnology in Miriguard ™ is developed by an international scientific research team. DOVE BIOTECH HONG KONG LTD. is the exclusive distributor in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore. Miriguard Long-acting natural disinfectant has been tested by 7 independent laboratories in Hong Kong and worldwide. Miriguard is produced in a GMP & ISO22716 certified facilities in Hong Kong with the highest quality standards.