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All-round Disinfection Services

All-round Disinfection Services

Can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens, campus classrooms, crowded areas, homes, public buses, school buses and transportation facilities, offices and buildings, etc.

Miriguard's unique nanotechnology combined three powerful disinfecting ingredients to forms a nano-protective coating on the surface after use, which can instantly kill virus bacteria/viruses, and the nano-protective coating can continue to eradicate bacteria/viruses for more than 24 hours. The main ingredients include a medical grade organic polymer disinfectants commonly used in hospital disinfection and wound treatment, eye drops, and contact lens lotions; citric acid plus silver ions, which are the safest, most effective antiviral/antibacterial agent with residual effects more than 100 times higher than that of general disinfectant and can kill 650 different types of pathogenic bacteria/viruses.

Miriguard has been proven effective against viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Reports by Microbac Laboratories, Inc. (USA) have shown that Miriguard ™ can kill coronavirus within 1 minute and is effective for 24 hours.

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